We offer a standby line of credit to solve cash flow gaps or to help you take advantage of business opportunities as they arise. There are no obligations to use it, and you pay only for what you use - there are no ongoing fees! 

The process works as follows:

Each drawdown becomes a 6-month term loan with monthly repayments of principal and interest. You can choose to repay earlier to have any outstanding interest waived. 

Use cases

  1. Cash flow gaps
    You have salaries to pay this month, but your supplier can only pay next month. You make a withdrawal to pay out salaries. When your supplier pays you, you repay Aspire in full and only pay for 1 month’s worth of interest.

  1. Opportunities
    You land a new project, but need funds to kick it off. Normally, banks take 2 months for approval. With Aspire, you can kick off your project immediately by withdrawing funds from your credit limit.

Examples of expenses you can use your credit limit for: 

  • Salaries

  • Inventory

  • Marketing

  • Equipment

How re-crediting works 

Each time you make a repayment, the principal amount will be added back to your credit limit, which you can use to drawdown again.