Here are the eligibility criteria for a credit limit:

  • Have a PTE LTD, LLP or LLC registered with ACRA (we cannot lend to sole proprietorships)

  • Applicant must be a director of the business

  • Director (and additional guarantors if necessary) have shareholding of at least 25% in the

  • At least one guarantor must be Singaporean/PR

  • Have an active corporate bank account for at least 6 months

  • No ongoing financial litigation on both personal and company level

  • No ongoing bankruptcy on both personal and company level

Documents required to fulfill the eligibility criteria:

  • Past six months' bank statements for all corporate bank accounts

  • Director and all guarantors' front and back copy of NRIC/Employment Pass, Passport copy

  • Director and all guarantors' CBS report with at least three months' validity