Foreign currency rates & fees differ on the transaction type. 

  • Outbound transfers with Wise: Mid-market rate + Standard Wise fee
  • Inbound FAST transfers (FX within Singapore only): Sender or receiver bank-specific FX rate
  • Inbound International Telegraphic Transfers: A 0.5% fee is charged to the transfer amount (~3x cheaper than banks),  which are exchanged at mid-market rates for certain select currencies*.

* Internationally-received SGD is levied a flat fee of 35 SGD regardless of amount, so we would encourage you to send in foreign currencies - as situations allow.

At Aspire, we are striving for our fees to be completely transparent, and amongst the lowest in the market. 

Would you like to simulate the FX rate & fees on previous transactions? 

  • Outbound transfers with WiseCheck the historical mid-market rate here. You can also re-compute the transfer fees here

Questions? Please let us know here or call us at +65 3165 1500 during business hours (Mon - Fri, 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT).